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Agulis Pigments’ comprehensive selection of pure pigments are developed from naturally occurring earths and minerals. We carefully research and responsibly unearth the raw materials from different provinces across Armenia. We take pride in providing clear information and transparency regarding our pigments’ origin, as source details are available on each product page. Our mining sites and processing facilities are carefully regulated to ensure safety and sustainability.


Given Armenia’s extremely mountainous landscape, the remote locations of some of our sources are difficult to reach, and furthermore, present many challenges during mining. We undertake a demanding and labor-intensive process during production. Our manufacturing can be broken down into multiple stages, beginning with extracting the deposits and transporting the raw materials to one of our processing facilities. After undergoing a separating and cleaning process—which includes additional steps, such as washing and drying the ochres—our mill is used to completely micronize the pigments into a fine powder. The final products are packaged and prepared for distribution in our facility in Yerevan, Armenia.

We only manufacture minimally processed pure pigments, meaning multiple pigments are never mixed to attain a new color. To maintain consistent color, the only instance where mixing may occur is when there are slight variations for the same pigments within the deposited layers—which is common for some natural pigments. To further address potential variability in color, we take additional steps to address it by continually manufacture each pigment on a considerably large scale, and maintain a substantial quantity of every pigment in stock year-round.

With sustainability in mind, we continually conduct research into Armenia’s natural resources to discover and develop new earth and mineral pigments. Please visit our Pigments page to browse through our most current catalog for international customers. For more information, please feel free to reach out to us at any time, using the Contact form on our website.