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Safety Guidelines

The health and safety of our customers is of utmost importance. Agulis Pigments only manufactures natural earth and mineral pigments, none of which present any major know health hazards when used as intended. Please review the safety information and instructions outlined below.

Always remember to exercise care while handling pigments. As with any dry powder, there may be damage to the lungs through prolonged and repeated exposure via inhalation—avoid breathing the dust, and in the case of inadequate ventilation, please wear respiratory protection. Additionally, please maintain proper standards of general hygiene—prior, during, and after using any pigment products.

Prior to use, please consult this page and contact us if you require further guidance regarding proper safe handling of any of our products.

Avoid inhalation of airborne particles by wearing respiratory protection in the case of inadequate ventilation.

Products are not intended for any pharmacological use, food coloring, tattoo ink, or cosmetic purposes. Please use pigments as intended.

Avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Thoroughly wash off any residue with soap and water after handling dry pigments

Avoid any contact with the eyes. Be mindful while working with dry pigments, keeping hands away from the face.

Avoid ingestion. Do not eat or drink while handling dry pigments, due to the potential of accidental ingestion.

Before use, cover work surfaces. Open pigment containers carefully to avoid spillage. In case of spills, thoroughly clean the area.

Keep out of reach of children. Powdered pigments should not be handled by minors.

Please follow your local regulation as it pertains to the safe disposal of any pigment products and containers.