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About Agulis Pigments

Agulis Pigments is a limited liability company based in Yerevan, Armenia, specializing in manufacturing earth and mineral pigments. As the largest natural pigment producer in Armenia, we currently provide a comprehensive line of over 50 natural pigments to international partners for many applications—including fine art supplies, interior and exterior paints, conservation and restoration projects. Additionally, we continuously invest into further research to develop new products and rediscover historic pigments.

To preserve the legacy of historical Armenian pigments, and contribution to this proud tradition, Agulis Pigments mission has been to research Armenia’s mountainous landscape and responsibly unearth natural pigments since 1994. We aim to keep our cultural heritage alive and offer greater accessibility to natural and historical pigments around the world.

With the prevalence of synthetic pigment use within the paint industry, we want to ensure the practice of using natural pigments in modern paint is sustained. Agulis Pigments provides quality ingredients to our partners around the world, who share the same passion of working with earth and mineral pigments. We have successfully introduced natural alternatives within different international markets.

In addition to our mission, we also encourage artists to rediscover the art of paint making using natural pigments, instead of only relying on ready-made conventional products. It can be a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative, and give artists greater control over ingredients—avoiding dilution, unnecessary additives, and potential contaminants that may be found in premixed paints. This mindful approach of developing paint is also conducive to the artist’s overall creative process, as it can help develop a deeper understanding and greater proficiency with one’s medium. Moreover, it presents an opportunity to create a personal palette, and make paint much like the master artists throughout the centuries.